A dedicated End-Point Assessment Organisation, 100% focused on quality

Prepare to Achieve is specialist End-Point Assessment Organisation who is 100% committed to delivering fuss-free and transparent End-Point Assessment throughout England.

We are an accredited End-Point Assessment Organisation who works with employers to assess their care professionals who are studying the Level 2 Adult Care Worker apprenticeship standard,
and the Level 3 Leader Adult Care Worker apprenticeship standard.

We pride ourselves on offering a fabulous service, at an affordable cost, with no hidden extras.

We’re here when you need us. Simple.



If you are an employer who is up-skilling existing or training your new staff using apprenticeship standards, the End-Point Assessment element will play an important role in the apprenticeship qualification. Our fuss-free approach is designed to enable you to embed this into your learning and development plan, without the need of additional resources or time. Find out more about our fuss-free approach to End-Point Assessment here >>> Read more…


Training Providers

We work closely with training providers nationally to ensure a seamless apprenticeship journey for the employers and apprentices who we work with. Our team have experience of working within training organisations, meaning we understand how you work and the most efficient ways that we can work with you to guarantee our apprentices gain meaningful and relevant qualifications, desired by employers. Read more…



As an apprentice we understand that End-Point Assessment is the last thing you think about (literally!), but it plays an important role in your apprenticeship qualification. End-Point Assessment (or EPA as it’s more commonly known) provides a quality mark for your apprenticeship, letting employers know that you have gained the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of your apprenticeship. Read more…


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