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Prepare to Achieve is approved to deliver End-Point Assessment for the Adult Care Worker Standard

What is the Lead Adult Care Worker standard and who is it for?

The Lead Adult Care Worker standard (Level 3) is the next step up from the Adult Care Worker apprenticeship (Level 2). This apprenticeship is for those with “responsibility for providing supervision, front line leadership, guidance and direction for others. Alternatively, this includes individuals working autonomously and exercising personal judgement”. Job titles may include Care Officer, Care Supervisor, Senior Care Worker, Supervising Care Worker and Senior Support Worker.

Course Features – Adult Care Worker Level 3

Duration: 12 – 24 months (with the EPA being delivered once the on-programme training has been completed)

Delivery: The EPA consists of face-to-face and remote assessments.

Level: 3

Standard number: ST0006 (118)

How does the EPA process for this apprenticeship standard work?

The two methods of End-Point Assessment used for this standard are: the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and the Professional Discussion (PD). Apprentices are tested through both assessments to see whether they have the expected knowledge, skills and behaviours. Then, the apprentice will receive either a Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Situational Judgement Test with Prepare to Achieve

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

During the SJT, apprentices are presented with 60 multiple-choice questions based on real life scenarios. The questions used will draw on the stated knowledge and skills elements of the standard and focus on the higher order competencies, allowing candidates to demonstrate the full breadth of their judgement and understanding. Candidates who achieve more than 40 correct marks will pass the assessment, with those achieving 50-54 achieving a Merit and those achieving 55 or more a Distinction. Candidates must complete the SJT before moving on to the Professional Discussion.

The Professional Discussion (PD)

The PD is the final method of assessment to achieve End-Point Assessment with this standard. A candidates knowledge, skills and behaviours will be assessed. This assessment will follow the requirements of the apprenticeship standard. However, this assessment will also include a structured interview. Apprentices also work through a bank of pre-set questions. They will then need to demonstrate their content knowledge of the standard. PDs will cover approximately 15 standardised stimulus questions over the course of 45 minutes. Candidates will receive an unsatisfactory achievement or achievement. Then, the apprentice will receive either a Pass, Merit or Distinction.

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