Making the Cost of End-Point Assessment Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Making the Cost of End-Point Assessment Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Prepare to Achieve is a national End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)

Making the cost of End-Point Assessment as easy as 1, 2, 3!

As part of their commitment to transparency, they have launched the Three Price Promise, to make the End-Point Assessment (EPA) journey as simple as possible. With the Three Price Promise, employers and providers will know the exact cost of End-Point Assessment.

The promise is simple:

  1. Never charge before Gateway. There are no costs for EPA until their apprentice enters Gateway, even if Prepare to Achieve is chosen at the very start of the apprenticeship.
  2. Only charge one flat fee. No hidden costs, no re-sit or appeal fees. Not only does this mean EPA never costs you more than you expect, it also means there are no barriers to apprentices achieving EPA.
  3. Pass savings on! If Prepare to Achieve can make savings in the delivery of EPA, they will pass those savings straight back.
    Not only will employers and providers know exactly what they will pay with Prepare to Achieve, they also know they are getting a high quality service at a great price.

Lee Evans, CEO of Prepare to Achieve said:
“The Three Price Promise reflects our values at Prepare to Achieve. We promise all of our employers and providers a simple, straight-forward approach to End-Point Assessment. After a recent survey, we can see the importance of this promise as 97% of our current partners were satisfied that we did not charge for re-takes or appeals.”

Find out more about or Three Price Promise here. To discuss your EPA needs and how Prepare to Achieve can support your learner through EPA, give them a call on 0151 662 0139 or email Lastly, follow along with the most current updates in the apprenticeship world by clicking here.