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EPA terms – what do they mean?

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EPA terms to know

End-Point Assessment can be full of obscure terms, acronyms and initialisms. But what do they mean? Part of our fuss-free approach to End-Point Assessment is to make the complex simple, starting with acronyms!

We’ve prepared this quick summary to let you know what some of the key terms are in EPA.

  • ESFA – Education & Skills Funding Agency
  • IfA – Institute for Apprenticeships
  • SfC – Skills for Care (our EQA Organisation. Speaking of which…)
  • EQA – External Quality Assurance
  • IQA – Internal Quality Assurance
  • IEPA – Independent End-Point Assessor
  • LIEPA – Lead Independent End-Point Assessor
  • EPAO – End-Point Assessment Organisation
  • ITP – Independent Training Provider
  • AP – Assessment Plan
  • SJT – Situational Judgement Test
  • PD – Professional Discussion
  • RoATP – Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers
  • RoEPAO – Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations
  • AO – Awarding OrganisationWant to know more or have some questions about End-Point Assessment? Just email our team on epa@preparetoachieve.co.uk.