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Prepare to Achieve is a national, specialist End-Point Assessment Organisation approved to deliver EPA for the health and social care sector

As an End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), we ensure that apprentices have the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they need to succeed in their job roles.

To do this, our dedicated team of professionals use their wealth of experience to deliver the End-Point Assessment (EPA) assessments required for each apprenticeship we cover. Above all, this is what EPA with Prepare to Achieve is all about. 

EPA with Prepare to Achieve is available for the following apprenticeship standards

Our fuss free approach

…to End-Point Assessment


We stand by the value of good quality apprenticeships. This stance allows learners, employers and society to work together successfully. For instance, we believe that when standards are high, everybody benefits.

Service is key

Within our sector, we believe quality of service is key. Engaging with employers, apprentices and providers in a timely, open, friendly and supportive manner is our top priority. Lastly, we are always committed to exceeding customer expectations.

Learner success

Learner success is at the heart of what we do. Subsequently, we aim to support learners to understand their performance at EPA and how they can progress in the future to achieve their full potential.

An ethical approach

Firstly, we believe in being an ethical business: respecting and celebrating diversity amongst our learners and staff. Secondly, promoting sustainability of the environment. Finally, recognising our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Work in partnership

We are committed to teamwork, sharing good practice and building meaningful partnerships. We believe that we all benefit from sharing best practise and encouraging each other.c

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We’d love to talk to you about your End-Point Assessment needs and how we can support you. Simply complete this form and we will get back to you, or you can call us on 0151 662 0139.