Proud to give back through our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

We are incredibly proud to have such a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, both within our organisation and across our group of companies, The Progress Group.

Not only do we support the communities in which we work wherever possible, but we also select a Charity of the Year who become the main recipient of our various fundraising activities. This can include sponsored activities such as marathons and walks, and charitable activities such as cake sales and sponsorship.

Charity of the Year

This year we are continuing to support Re-engage as our Charity of the Year. Re-engage are 100% committed to tackling loneliness in the 1.4 million older people in the UK who are suffering. This amazing charity supports older people to re-engage with their communities, with face-to-face contact, and provide a helping hand when required.

Their vision is a world where no one is ever too old to make friends and enjoy social interaction, and we couldn’t agree more!

How do they do this?

Re-engage exist to bring older people together into social groups. This is important because it’s typically at a time in their lives when their social circles are diminishing.
Last year, nearly 7,000 older guests were part of over 900 groups across the UK, supported by 12,000 volunteers from the charity.

Why choose this charity?

Our team at Prepare to Achieve have an extensive background in the healthcare sector. Many of us have seen firsthand the huge impact that small gestures can have for our older generation. Re-engage haven taken this scenario to the next level and we fully support the incredible work they do.

Want to know more?

Of course you do! Above is just a short overview of an enormous amount of work that Re-engage do. You can Find out how to join us in supporting Re-engage to fight loneliness and social isolation among older people, just visit their website.

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