Our Group

A large group of companies with a personal approach

The Progress Group_Changing Lives Through The Power Of Education

Prepare to Achieve is part of The Progress Group, a family of training and education companies who operate throughout England.

Our Group has a clear purpose, to change lives through the power of education and training. We achieve this via each of our subsidiaries, who drive out the purpose, vision and values of our Group.

Across our Group, we offer commercial and apprenticeship training, independent school provision and adult education. Combined, we can support an individual from school age all the way up to retirement via our various training solutions.

Our family

Our commitment to giving back

Every year, we give back as a whole group, and individually.

Here at Prepare to Achieve, we nominate a Charity of the Year who we support throughout the year by raising money and helping to raise awareness of them using our own partner network and communication channels. We also donate our time. However beyond this we support other causes that are close to our heart and encourage our employers and partners to support us in doing this wherever possible. Find out more about our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility here.