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Apprentices, welcome to your dedicated EPA area

Your apprenticeship is going to open up countless opportunities for you, regardless of your age or experience level. Your End-Point Assessment (known as EPA) will play an important role in your apprenticeship qualification.

At Prepare to Achieve, we take a very fuss-free approach to the journey of apprentices and EPA. Our friendly team will guide you through all stages. If you ever have any questions please just contact us, and we will happily help.

What does EPA mean for you...

End-Point Assessment forms part of an apprenticeship standard. The Government has made a commitment to increase the number of apprenticeships being studied nationally by 2020, and part of this initiative is to make sure apprenticeships are good quality.

In order to make sure that the programme you study is relevant and applicable, we will continue to introduce new apprenticeship standards. Your chosen industry and employer will require up to date standards. End-Point Assessment are independent assessments at the end of the apprenticeship to make sure this is the case.


What's involved?

To accurately and fully carry out your EPA, your Assessor will work with you to complete two assessments. These will check that you have gained the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours required of the sector that you work in. Our approach is made simple for apprentices and EPA!  


Your apprenticeship journey

Your End-Point Assessment will come at the end of your apprenticeship. You will be enrolled for it once you, your training provider and employer all agree that you are ready. At that stage, our team will be in touch to discuss what happens next.

Want to talk to a human?

We’d love to talk to you about your End-Point Assessment needs in addition to how we can support you. Simply complete this form and we will get back to you, or you can call us on 0151 662 0139.