The Apprenticeship Journey

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Your apprenticeship journey

Your apprenticeship journey will be as unique as you are! Your EPA journey will support you towards the final stages of your apprenticeship. Above all, gaining new skills and knowledge of your job role is what EPA is all about. The End-Point Assessment element of your apprenticeship will come in the final months of your apprenticeship. We will then carry out your final assessment.

During the final stages

We will carry out an independent assessment. This means we will determine if you have reached the requirements of your apprenticeship. EPA’s focus on your gained knowledge, skills and behaviours required of your specific qualification. But don’t worry, it isn’t as daunting as it sounds!

EPA Certification

You only undertake this final stage when you, your training provider and employer agree that you are ready. However, by successfully completing this stage, it demonstrates you have the knowledge and skills demanded of your job role. Gaining your EPA certification shows your employer that you are ready to work in the industry.


This is completed with your training provider.

You will need to complete the enrolment process which includes an eligibility and baseline skills check. You won’t be able to get started on your apprenticeship until you have completed all parts of the enrolment process.


Where your journey may differ from your friends or colleagues.

During this stage, you will be supported by your assessor/training provider. Your assessor will help to guide you through your apprenticeship. They will either come to your workplace or you will go to a training centre. Your employer will typically give you a day release from work to complete this.


Once you, your training provider and employer…

all agree that you have completed the apprenticeship and are ready for EPA, this is where we come in (yay!). It starts with the gateway, which means we check that you’ve completed everything you need for your apprenticeship. After that, we will arrange for your EPA assessment methods.


After you have successfully completed your EPA,

you will have officially completed all elements of your apprenticeship. This typically happens within 2 months of going through Gateway. During this time you will also receive your apprenticeship certificate. If you don’t pass your EPA first-time, you may be able to re-sit certain elements of it.

Want to talk to a human?

We’d love to talk to you about your End-Point Assessment needs and how we can support you. Simply complete this form and we will get back to you, or you can call us on 0151 662 0139.apprenticeship journey