Our Approach to End-Point Assessment funding

We know that End-Point Assessment funding for training can often be tight in an organisation. The last thing employers want is to be worrying about who is going to pay for End-Point Assessment (EPA). The good news is that the basic cost of EPA is covered by the apprenticeship funding.

Here’s how it works, for example with the Adult Care Worker Standard

Funding Band (this is the maximum amount available for the apprenticeship as set by the government): £3,000

Amount typically available for EPA: 20%, or £600 (this is up for negotiation between yourselves and the EPA organisation – get in touch to find out our prices!)

So the money for EPA is already covered by the apprenticeship funding. But there are exceptions. For example, if the agreed cost of your EPA was to be the full 20%, or £600 in the above example, but your employee needed to re-sit one element of the EPA, there would be no funding left for that. That could mean additional costs for you as the employer.

But not with Prepare to Achieve

At Prepare to Achieve, we know how important it is for employers to understand what costs are involved before you commit. So if you choose us as your EPA, our flat fee includes registration, re-sits and any appeals that may occur, never going over the 20% funding available for EPA. That means you can sit back and relax knowing that EPA won’t cost you a penny.

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